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Athena SA and ESC proposed the ESC Combi-wall Tubular Pile system which eventually won the award from the Port of Fujairah and their Engineers MUC of the Netherlands. During the course of the design stage of the project ESC held site meetings in the UAE and visited MUC’s geotechnical and structural team in Terheijden, Netherlands. ESC ensured that all facets required by the Client and their Engineers were able to be met.


ESC not only worked with the owners but the contractor Athena SA had constant site visits and communication from ESC both during the design stage and the implementation stage of the project. Designs of the wall system took into account the preferred method of construction detailed by Athena SA and were adapted accordingly whilst at the same time ensuring the stringent safety factors of the Clients Engineers were followed in terms of the seismic and structural conditions.


The Port of Fujairah proposed to construct a new quay wall for an oil terminal facility to be constructed to the north of the existing port facility. The name of this project is Fujairah OT2. The main purpose of this quay will be as a vessel loading facility for oil products.


The type of retaining wall used is a steel tubular pile wall with sheet pile infills, restrained by tierods to buried sheet pile anchor wall. This wall was backfilled with locally dredged material.


The design of the sheet pile wall was undertaken by ESC Al Sharafi Steel LLC and detailed in a series of reports. The scope of the design covered by these series of reports was as follows;

  • Evaluation of geological data and existing site conditions to determine a range of geotechnical parameters for use in the designs.

  • Analysis of the retaining wall and restraint system given the geotechnical parameters, site requirements and loading considerations, including seismic design.

  • Specification and design of necessary sheet pile and tie rod components to withstand the calculated geotechnical and imposed loads

  • Evaluation of the corrosion conditions, and design of the sheet pile system components to accommodate these conditions, including specification of protective coatings.

  • Various method statements required for specific tasks, including painting, bitumen sealing and clutch strength testing.


Project Criteria 


The tender document provided for the design life requirement of the works (50 years), specific loading requirements, load case specifications, seismic requirements, structural dimensions and tidal information.

Data and requirements specified in this document will took precedence over standard specifications in Design Codes or other design publications used in this nature of work.


The Bill of Quantities for this project consisted of:


  • ESC-1420mm OD Tubular Piles (12,250 tons)

  • ESC-S10-6519 Infill Sheet Piles (2,220 tons)

  • ESC EU32-6519 Sheet Piles for Anchor Wall (1,614 tons)

  • ESC EU20 Sheet Piles (73 tons)

  • 500x200x89.6kg/m Waling Beams (320 tons)

  • Tie Rod Assemblies (996 tons)

  • Corrosion Protection - Painting (143,252m2)


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